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Welcome to Shiny

Hello and welcome to <Shiny>, a defiant guild on Icewatch EU.

We're a collection of wise individuals that have been here since the dawn on Telara. We are the epic force who will bring down the evil of Crucia... pfffftt... if you believe that then you'll believe anything.

<Shiny> is a collection of people who are out to have fun, explore the content of Rift and progress at a steady rate. We aim to help everyone, whether it be levelling, questing or progression, whilst throwing a bit of banter and having a good ol' laugh.

We are a sociable, no DRAMAs raiding guild with just the right amount of crazy.

So welcome along and if it sounds like it's the right place to be for you, please make an application by clicking on Apply to Guild near the top right. Please bear in mind that we are a 18+ guild. :)
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