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Myffy / Oct 09, 2012
When daylight saving/summer time ends at 2am on 28th October, raids will be at 6:45pm-10pm server time. For most guildies that means no change in your local time, i.e. in summer it was 7:45pm-11pm and in winter it will still be 7:45pm-11pm. However, for our guildies in Iceland, Russia, Saudi, the US and other countries that don't use daylight saving, please note that the raid times will be one hour later relative to your local time than in the summer.

You can update the times shown on the guild website event calendar by going to My Account and then Shivtr Account and selecting your time zone from the drop down menu. The guild website doesn't automatically update time zones for daylight saving because it is a Canadian company (where they use different dates for daylight saving and also only use it in parts of the country).

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Myffy / Sep 17, 2012
We're changing Wednesday raids to ID only and not going to HK. This is because the people that need HK gear and marks get more from HK pugs rather than getting saved to the 3-4 bosses that we do in HK. We're starting this from Wednesday 19th September.

After discussion about the high strength ranged weapon in ID, Bow of Iron Wrath (link), we've decided to offer it to raiders in the order of:
  1. warrior dps
  2. rogue dps and support
  3. warrior tank
  4. rogue tank
The rogues are keen to get this weapon as it is their second BiS from ID but it is the only high strength weapon available to warrior dps at all. Therefore we're going to continue to offer it to warrior dps first.

To make sure we have geared backup tanks available when our main spec tanks can't make the raids, we are going to have designated off spec tanks who will be offered off spec tanking gear before the rest of their class. Charge, Grimmj (Jaggis) and Zparx have agreed to be the designated backup off spec tanks.

Please have a look at the updated guild loot rules.

Last but not least! We're going to enable soul mending paid by the guild bank on raid nights for all raiders. So when you see /rw Please use the medic! @5 then click on "Use Guild Funds" :-)

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Myffy / Sep 04, 2012
We've decided to run Infernal Dawn on Sundays after the discussion on the guild website and in-game about what is best to do on Sunday evenings. This is because we want to spend more time in ID before Storm Legion and because PF isn't giving much to the guild anymore. Wednesday night will start in HK so we can kill Murdantix and the upper floor and we've no plans to change that at the moment though may do in the future.

The plan to have Saturday evening HK fun runs hasn't worked out - we've only managed to run two in the last seven weeks so we're going to stop them. If there are enough people online and interested in going to HK or RotP on a Saturday evening then we may have the occasional spontaneous raid.

We've updated the guild rules so that if someone signs up for a raid then doesn't turn up and doesn't post on the guild website or contact an officer within 24 hours after the raid then they will be moved down three slots in the suicide kings loot list. We're adding this rule to encourage people to let us know when they can't make it to raids after all to help us plan better.

If you've got any questions or comments about this then please reply here, post here or get in touch with one of the officers :-)